Monday, March 21, 2011

Cold Wars 1812 games

Well guys its been a crazy week since I've gotten home from Cold Wars so the blog updates have suffered a bit but I have a ton of updates on the way.  We ran a fictional game Thursday night and a game based on the battle of North Point using the ATKM rules.  Each game went rather well and all participants had a great time.  I was also lucky to participate in the invite only 1812 game Saturday night graciously hosted by Ken Cliffe, Dave Hoyt, and my father Bob Lehman.  The game was amazing and the Americans had a decisive victory just a few cards into the second turn.  Over all I couldn't ask for a better weekend of gaming and hanging out with great friends. 

Heres a few pictures from the games:

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  1. Great stuff, as usual.

    Send me your email address to mike at mg42painting dot com and I'll get you the photos from the tournament.