Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company & Forged In Battle

Hey guys just wanted to post a few pics of the PSC 15mm Russian Infantry and T-34's that my dad painted real quick to see how they look.  He also painted a Soviet HMG team from FIB.  I really think they all turned out great and I am very pleased with the detail of them both.  The pictures don't do them justice but it gives a good idea for those of you interested in these 2 companies.  I had to use my flash on the first few pictures so the color may seem off.  The true color can be seen with the pics from the gaming table.
PSC Russian Infantry

Rear shot

Forged In Battle Russian HMG team

PSC T-34

PSC Russians and Battlefront Finns for comparison

Battlefront Finn HMG team on left---FIB Soviet HMG team on right

Frontal comparison of Battlefront T-34 to PSC

A view from above

Thanks for viewing!


  1. can't believe this post has been up for 3 days and I'm still the first to comment!

    The figures look great. Did you file down the figure bases or are they really as thin as they appear to be?

    As for the T-34s, well, I was hooked even before I got a look at these pics. And the size difference wouldn't even be an issue if you just fielded the PSC models. I wonder which one is more accurately scaled.

    Yes, I'm ready for a Russian horde of infantry supported by a load of T-34s, and even more artillery (no Katyushas though).

    BF needs to lookout, because companies like FIB and PSC are going to come in and take a big bite out of their market share w/ quality work at super prices.

    Finally, are those the Litko bases or those hardboard pieces that they sell at the BF/GF9 booth at the convention? I never realized before but they look awful with that the square edging. I think BF bases are too thick even w/ the bevel edge, but the square edge is just too much.


  2. Mike the bases are actually that thin and that was just a square cut of wood to display the figures although we will be using the litko bases for them so I'll get some pics up when the bases are finished.