Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cold Wars 2011

Well guys I just got back from Cold Wars a few hours ago and let me say it was an amazing time.  My wallet is empty and I think the car gained an extra 300 pounds of lead for the drive.  My father and I put on a few ATKM 1812 games and they went over big with all the players involved.  Nothing in the world feels better than knowing people enjoyed playing a game that you have put so much effort into.  We ended up meeting a few great friends as well.  I only played in 1 game all convention but it was the invite only ATKM game Saturday night and man was it bloody.  I also got to sit in for the entire 3 hour WWPD podcast and had an amazing time.  The guys over there really went all out and did a fantastic job.  I was able to talk to most of the staff and they are great guys for the hobby and we need more like em.  I'll be updating over the next few days with some pictures of games and maybe even review a few new products I picked up.  Finally if anyone is looking to get any FOW stuff painted I highly recommend checking out my good friend Mike from MG42Painting.  He does phenomenal work at a great price.



  1. Matt, again, it was so great to meet you! I can't believe you stuck it out for the whole 'cast :) Thanks so much for the kind words, and hanging out with us!

    I can't recall who got what- did you get some decent schwag?

  2. Definitely! Thanks Matt! I can't believe Steve stuck it out for the whole cast. :) Looking forward to Historicon.

  3. Anytime fellas! I won a polish 7tp and a battle honors jag. I'm desperately trying to find a way to get out to Historicon this year but I may still be working 7 days a week by then.

  4. Did you need a forklift to unload the car?

  5. Matt,
    always a pleasure to hang out and chat with you and Bob. Thanks for the plug.