Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gearing up for Cold Wars!

Well It looks like it's finally time to start up a blog.  After viewing so many other great blogs by friends and strangers alike I've become inspired to share some of my figures and games along with my fathers.  Being rather new to the painting aspect of miniature gaming I'm always looking for constructive criticism to help with all my projects.  Hopefully in the next few days I can update with a FOW AAR and some painting projects.  For those of you heading to Cold Wars I will be hosting a 54mm 1812 game Thursday evening and assisting with another Friday morning at 10 using the "ATKM" rules.  I must admit I'm pretty stoked to be heading back to Cold Wars.  My father and I have made some great friends throughout the years at HMGS cons but none better than Ken Cliffe (ATKM owner) and Dave Hoyt (blog).  I met them both a few years ago at Fall-In and with their help we have put on some fantastic games and have had some great times and good laughs.  Here's looking forward to another great con!

Johnny Utah

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